Uzbek pottery

Among the various types of applied arts in Uzbekistan, pottery art is standing out. Back to the days of antiquity, first samples of pottery were discovered by archaeologists in the territory of Uzbekistan. As always, the best works of the Uzbek pottery art with its rare expressiveness and conciseness revealed unique features of genius of the Uzbek masters’ creativity. These are dishes, various in size jags, vases and many other items used in household, from huge to tiny, easy to use and at the same time elegant in form. For many centuries up to these days, ceramics are in demand among the people. They are stand out by high class of performance, beauty of forms, the magic of design, harmony of brave imagination, a sense of proportion of colors.

Ceramics art of Uzbekistan is represented by two styles: baked unglazed terracotta and glazed pottery glaze. Over the past 100-150 years the Gijduvan, Karshi, Samarkand, Tashkent, Rishton and Khorezm established themselves as true ceramic centers in Uzbekistan. During last decades, works of masters from Gurumsarai, Denau and Chimbu in Karakalpakstan gained popularity. Manufactured in these centers ceramics clearly differentiates primarily into two color groups – blue, white and green, and green-brown-yellow. Ceramic painting in these areas amazes with fabulously glowing colors while being extremely picturesque.