Uzbek fabrics

Fabrics design in Uzbekistan is a truly outstanding example of local people’s art. It combines in a wonderful way the highest ancient traditions of the art with the sense of modernism. In the art of fabrics decoration, like in perfect chronicle, reflected long historical period of works of many thousands of talented craftsmen and artists. In the second half of the XIX century in many towns and villages (Margilan, Namangan, Bukhara, Andijan, Samarkand, Kitab, Gijduvan Urgut, Beshariq, etc.) were produced a variety of smooth and patterned homemade cotton fabrics, silk, half-silk fabrics of simple and complex interweaving.

Uzbek FabricsThey were used for clothing and for home decoration. Of especially popularity were thick, woven from cotton and silk, fuzzy velvet, local fabrics – “Adras”, “Bekasam” and “Banoras”, delicate and light silk scarves – “Kalgay”, rustling and iridescent “Shokhi – Kanaus”, unique in paintings and original in color contrast and harmony – “Atlases”, “Yakruya” and “Khan-atlas”, bedspreads from Fergana and Samarkand, covered with misty and delicate patterns. The ornamentation techniques of these tissues were mostly in the stripes and in the pattern, the main peculiarity of which lies in the fuzzy and vague outlines. This technique is called “Abrbandi” in Central Asia, and fabrics itself, called “Abr”.