Mural painting

In Uzbekistan, ancient and medieval wall paintings and sculptural carvings of thematic natures, as well as ornamental carvings and paintings are well known. Starting from IX-X centuries, ornamental, flower and greenery polychrome paintings and relief carving entered intensive development. Gradually canons of ornamental forms and compositions had been established, proven by centuries practices of craftsmen that have survived up to the present days.

Uzbek Mural PaintingMasters of ornamental painting practiced architectural painting on limestone and on wood. Great masters of wall paintings lived in Bukhara in 19th century. In our days, it is still popular art masters of Samarkand, Tashkent, Khiva and other cities of Uzbekistan. Now, work is continued by the dynasty of outstanding painting master Saidmahmud Narkuziev from Fergana.