Ask any Uzbek people, whether old or young, about the dearest and most favorite holiday. And as often as not you will get the answer “Navruz”. What kind of holiday is it? And why it is so favorite by everyone, either residents or guests of the country.

“Navruz” – this is the one of the oldest and most wanted holidays in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The holiday of the spring and hope. After long winder and cold days, this is the first sunlight warming the land with its lights. Bringing color to the trees and nice tweet to the vast valleys! So, where it comes from, why everyone still celebrates this holiday and even today “Navruz” holiday is still popular?
Maybe because of the relationship of “Navruz” with ancient religion called “Zoroastra” the good god “Zarathustra” and the sun cult. Some say, the cult of “fire”. The day chosen for this holiday is not random of course. 21 March is the day when night and day are equal! This is the date after which days are longer and warmer, nights are shorter and less cold. This is the day when new solar cycle starts giving life to nature. This is why this holiday has sense of “New Year”! 

 “Navruz” is full of it is ancient, colorful and original rituals and ceremonies coming from past to our days combined with mixture of time, religion and people. The one of the main symbols of “Navruz” is the meal from germinated wheat called “Sumalak” mainly made in this period of time of the year. All the people of neighborhood, mostly women, gather around the huge pot, dancing and singing folklore songs, having fun and enjoying the process. Every person is taking his part in cooking “Sumalak” by mixing it in person in his turn. People believe that if you make a wish while mixing “Sumalak”, the dreams come true. This is such an amazing holiday with such a mystique traditions.

Another great thing in “Navruz” is that during this holiday, people visit relatives, neighbors and other people who in need of help. Share with food and cookies, clean the city streets and gardens, give presents, plants new trees and flowers. Forgive past resentments and enemies.

Entertainment is another part of “Navruz”. In each house, tables are full with delicious and seasonal meals like “green” samosa, made from seasonal greeneries; word’s famous Uzbek meal “Osh Palov”. Every door is open this day for the guests! There are folk festivals in each village of each region of this beautiful land – Uzbekistan. Each region has own unique traditions and songs. In most regions, you can witness, another oldest national sport game “Kopkari”, this is horse riding with elements of wrestling to pull out the crown and trophy.

It is hard to describe the deep meaning and warm heart beating of this beautiful holiday. Like always said in Uzbekistan, “better to see once instead of hearing hundreds of times”

Welcome to “Navruz” – national festival and holiday!