Uzbekistan fruits and vegetables

Uzbek WatermelonIt is impossible to imagine Uzbek cuisine without delicious Uzbek vegetables and fruits grown under the blessed sun! Fresh and Juicy fruits and vegetables are the symbol of abundance and prosperity of the Uzbek people.

Uzbek table is not complete without fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, filled with sun world famous melons and grapes. Juicy and fresh, extremely delicate!

Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dishes made from them are important in human diet. It is a source of vitamins and micro elements, which are needed and important in daily ration for normal functioning of human body.

As preparation for winter season in Uzbekistan, Uzbek people buy vegetables and fruits in large quantities, in order to preserve them, and thus provide for themselves and their loved ones, as well as guests with nutrients and tasty delicacies on the table in the winter season.

In Uzbekistan, there are growing a variety of fruits, berries and citrus plants rich with vitamins: sweet grapes, sweet melons, juicy red watermelon, juicy apples, cherries, lemon, blood-red pomegranate, black figs, chocolate persimmons, crispy quince, figs, and many more.

Uzbek FruitsUzbek vegetables and fruits are used in many dishes of traditional Uzbek cuisine and not only. Green radishes, yellow carrots, red juicy tomatoes,purple eggplant, and dozens of multi-colored vegetables are nicely completing Uzbek meals while some other culinary creations are impossible without them.

Many Uzbek vegetables and fruits are used in salads and appetizers. In the heat of summer for Uzbek families love to eat fresh vegetables and famous Uzbek bread – “Non”.