Most popular Uzbek meals

Famous Uzbek Osh PalovRecipes in Uzbek cuisine usually are very favorable and not hot and spicy. Some of the most common ingredients that you will find in recipes of Uzbek cuisine are the spices such as black cumin, red and black pepper, barberries, coriander and sesame seeds. The more common herbs are cilantro (the fresh coriander), dill, parsley, and basil. Other seasonings may include vinegar, which are widely used in salads and marinades, and fermented milk products. You can find many recipes of Uzbek cuisine, where lamb is used as one of the main ingredients and is the preferred source of protein in the Uzbek diet. Beef and horse meat is also consumed in large quantities in recipes of Uzbek cuisine. Camel and goat meat are less common. In the cuisine of Uzbekistan you will definitely find a lot of recipes associated with the bread. The bread is greatly respected and adored in Uzbek culture. You can also find a lot of recipes associated with different types of bread in the cuisine of Uzbekistan.

The Variety and Richness of Uzbek CouisineThere are some unique and delicious soups in Uzbek cuisine Uzbek.Most of them have fresh vegetables, egg whites, and even cheese filling. You will be surprised to know that in recipes Uzbek soups, tomato is one of the main ingredients. Some of the most common and popular soups of Uzbek cuisine are: Nukhot Shurva - pea soup with meat, Kaintama Shurva - soup with meat and vegetables, Ajabsanda - vegetable stew, Kovurma – soup with pre-fried meat, Karam Dulma - cabbage rolls and a popular Uzbek dish that is imposed as layers and steamed-“Dimlama”. Mainly in Uzbek soups it is used as an ingredient: meats, vegetables with coriander, potatoes, greens and pepper. Uzbek soups are made in the true traditional manner and very tasty. They are usually served before the main course. Undisputedly Uzbek cuisine is authentic and has unique traditions.