Famous Uzbek Bread

Famous Uzbek BreadTraditional Uzbek bread, called “Non” or “Patir”, is baked in the form of round cakes decorated with a thin center and thicker around. Non or bread is served to the table with decorated side up, and then broken into small pieces, which are placed on the plate. Each region has different types of bread, the most commons are:

Obi Non - is the main bread in Uzbek cuisine. It is mentioned in one of the oldest written works, in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Obi Non is baked in special clay ovens, which is called the "Tandir".

"A one after eating a slice of Obi-Non in the morning with raisins, roasted peas or with walnuts, will not feel hungry for a long time" a quote from Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

Samarkand Non - in various regions of Uzbekistan, bread is baked in different ways. In Samarkand, small but thick bread with solid and heavy dough with sesame oil is the most popular.
Uzbek Traditional Bread Baking
Bukhara Non – is sprinkled with sesame seeds or nigella, delivering delicate flavor.

Wedding Non or Patir (flaky paste) – originally made in Andijan and Kashkadarya regions of Uzbekistan. According to ancient tradition, this fragrant bread, cooked with cream and butter, specially prepared and served during pre-wedding meeting ceremonies.

Tashkent Lochira Non - was prepared in the form of thin circular plates, baked from dough made of milk, butter and sugar. Jirish Non - made from special dough mixed with wheat.

In the ancient times, some nomadic tribes lived in the area of Central Asia and Uzbekistan did not used clay ovens – Tandir because of their lifestyle, and cooked their bread cauldrons using butter of milk-based dough.
Even today, Uzbekistan has preserved the recipes and technique of baking such bread.