Medical Insurance, Health Care and Pharmacy

We have prepared information on medical insurance, health care and pharmacy before you take a trip to Uzbekistan.

Medical Care
In Uzbekistan, we have emergency health care free of charge for everyone, including foreign visitors. There are clinics available throughout the whole country able to provide full range of medical treatment. In Tashkent, we have special clinic for foreign visitors working or visiting Uzbekistan, mainly employees of diplomatic missions and foreign companies.
In case of emergency need, you can visit Casualty Department of closest clinic or hospital. You may need help of your guide, if you have one or ask hotel staff to escort you as a translator. Doctors in Uzbekistan mainly speak Uzbek and Russian languages.
If you need assistance and support regarding payment, insurance and transportation, you may contact your embassy or consulate in Uzbekistan. They can assist in further treatment and transportation.

Medical Insurance
We recommend you to contact with your insurance company before taking trip to Uzbekistan. You may need to ask:
1.    Does your insurance company’s policy apply during your trip and stay in Uzbekistan?
2.    Will it cover cost in case of emergency, like a trip to Uzbekistan for international doctor, hospital treatment in Uzbekistan and medical evacuation?
The medical insurance system is not developed in Uzbekistan yet. Hospitals and clinics expect immediate payment for treatments. Check, if your insurance covers your medical expenses in Uzbekistan. Check if they have bilateral agreement with local insurance companies.
It is recommended to have your insurance card, claim forms and other relevant documents with you. Also, please check whether your insurance company will make direct payment to local hospital or will reimburse you the expenses upon arrival back home.

Bringing Medicines
As a tourist, you can bring your well-equipped first-aid kit to Uzbekistan. Please make sure to have any prescriptions in case of need during customs inspection. Normally, prescription may be required for strong psychotropic and narcotic containing drugs, if you carrying such.
If you have such medicine, please check if these drugs are registered in Uzbekistan. Please, always carry your medicines in proper containers with its name and composition. Don’t wrap them in paper or keep in other boxes or plastic.

It is relatively easy in Uzbekistan to buy medication from pharmacies. For most drugs, there is no need for prescription. Pharmacies are widespread and easy to find along the route during your trip in Uzbekistan. Just look out for “Dorixona” or “Apteka” sign. Most of them open from 07:00 AM till 23-00 PM, working without day off.
All medicines are provided with instruction in Uzbek and Russian languages. Again, most drugs you can purchase without prescription except some specific drugs containing tranquillizers and psychotropic elements.
Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan and State Pharmacy Committee, have very strong requirements and procedures for all pharmacy companies willing and their products in the market. Only tested and specially licensed drugs are represented in local pharmacies.
The same requirements apply for pharmacy personnel. They are all well trained specialists and can advise you on drugs, if you don’t have own with you. Again, limited number of them speaks English. In case of specific requirement, be advised to bring sufficient amount of such drugs with you. 

Official no vaccination needed for tourists planning to visit Uzbekistan, however, we encourage you to consult with you doctor before departing and if you need special medical treatment and/or allergies, please advise us beforehand.